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Conference | 2020

Date & Venue to be announced - Stay With Us

our mission

Creating a link of information between Hungarian students in the UK and the Hungarian labour market

Our last four sessions intended to create a connection between the Hungarian talent pool that is to be found within the higher education communities of the United Kingdom, and the leading, up-and-coming, as well as start-up firms in Hungary. This year’s session serves to foster, enable and enrich this link, and to help stakeholders on both sides of the job market to further leverage this network.

Our growth is showing signs of the true potential of our enterprise but we will not stop until all Hungarian students within the UK have either attended our conference or have received opportunities through our network. This is our fourth session and we are proud to present the figures of previous years.

student delegates in 2019


This year represents a landmark in our initiative’s history as we launched the Meet-up series for the first time to cater to the needs of Hungarian students throughout the year. At the first event in June, attendees had the chance to see the clash of the start-up and the corporate world in a roundtable debate. The latest event was in September, where students could hear an interview with Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Hungary on current affairs and the implications of Brexit and participate in a workshop on the art of public speaking.

By expanding our range of events beyond our flagship conference we not only kept our current audience engaged with our initiative throughout the year but significantly increased the number of students interested in being part of the

Future of Hungary

Following last year’s conference, 43% of student delegates applied to and completed an internship in Hungary during the summer. This number surpassed even our most optimistic expectations.
— Rebeka Gaál, Future: Hungary President 2019

Who Do We Work With


We provide a unique opportunity to our student delegates to get a first-hand experience from firm representatives through workshops and the Careers’ Fair on what it is like to work with them. If you are considering an internship or graduate job in Hungary after graduation make sure to make the most out of meeting the biggest players in your industry. Attendants will be able to sign-up in advance to workshops which are of the most interest to them in order to secure their place.

Previous Partners

Speakers I Speaking of the Future

During the Speaking of the Future programme point experts will be sharing their thoughts on the future, on Hungary or both through the lens of their field of specialisation and profession. Attendants will have the opportunity to sign-up in advance to talks which are of the most interest to them in order to secure their place.

Previous Speakers

George Greskovits, Zsolt Frei, János Tóth, Péter Baldaszti, Dr Julius Weitzdörfer, András Volom, Bence Kondor, Melanie Seymour, Norbert Löbenwein, László Moravcsik, William Benkő

Gala Dinner

As a closing gala to our conference, this fine dining experience is generally held at one of the historic buildings of Cambridge, providing a beautiful end to a productive day. Our participants take this opportunity to establish further connections with each other and firm representatives, and have great conversations over wine and cheese.

Last year's venue choice was the historic University Arms Hotel. The hotel was first opened in 1834. It was originally built as a coaching inn to provide a resting point for travelers before the development of railway network in Britain. With its staggering interior and fine-quality dinner, it was a superb venue to host our delegates. You will soon see what do we have for you this year.