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The conference is organized in the spring each year! This year’s session will be held on the 9th of March 2019!

When is the Conference?

Where does the Conference take place?

The conference has been organized in Cambridge in the past 3 years. This year’s session, the fourth one, will be held in Cambridge as well, at the historic Hilton City Centre, a beautiful hotel, and a remarkable landmark true to the town’s heritage.

The conference has originally been conceived in Cambridge; henceforth the tradition! Furthermore, Cambridge is an excellent location, with great proximity to universities highly-populated with Hungarian students, is a hub of excellent research, brilliant history and remarkable traditions.

Why is the Conference in Cambridge?

There are two types of tickets: Conference Ticket and All-Day Ticket. The Conference ticket includes the conference itself and the after-party. The All-Day ticket gives you access to the full Future: Hungary experience which includes the conference, formal dinner and the after-party for just 38£ instead of £106 thanks to our generous sponsors.

What do the tickets include?

Is there a ticket refund?

We operate with a no refund policy. Only in exceptional cases can we refund already purchased tickets.

Do you provide accommodation for students coming from outside Cambridge?

In collaboration with the Cambridge University Hungarian Society we aim to accommodate everyone at student college rooms if requested for one night prior and one night following the conference. Soon after purchasing a ticket, you will receive an accommodation form that you will have to fill in.

Being aware of the costs of traveling in the UK, we decided to subsidize traveling costs for those coming from farther away.

Travel costs of attendees in Tier 2 zones will be subsidized by £7.5 and in Tier 3 zones by £12.5. Tiers are based on average cost of traveling from a given place to Cambridge. Please contact us with questions, otherwise you will be notified upon registration.

Are you subsidizing the travel costs for students?

In the previous years the Conference has been successful in generating fruitful and long-lasting connections between our attendees and partners. A total of 43% of last year’s attendees have interned at Hungarian companies the summer following the conference. If you are prepared and eager, you have great chances of securing yourself a position with one of our partners.

Can I secure a summer internship at the Conference?

How can I apply to the Committee?

Committee applications will be announced in due time after the conference. and specific details will be published after the opening of the roles.



We aim for a total of 150 participants for the conference, with 100 being student attendees.

What is the number of participants?

What kind of workshops are organized and what is the number of participants per workshop?

The nature of the workshop mostly depends on the company and the industry to operates in. Partners sometimes focus on introducing themselves by an audiovisual presentation, conduct an interactive case study or have students solve a specific problem relevant to them in an interactive through group work. As far as the workshops are concerned, our partners enjoy full creative freedom, as this is an outstanding opportunity for the firms to attract students. The number of students per workshop ranges from 15 to 35, but can be tailored to your specific requests. Should you need help with the topic of the workshop, feel free to contact us.

The Careers Fair takes place after the first two workshops and the networking lunch have finished. It serves as a more personal platform for the Partners to introduce themselves to the students, advertise available internships or graduate positions, and answer questions regarding these. Partners will have an ensured stand, with the opportunity for roll-up, flyer, and merchandise placement. It is an excellent opportunity for personal discussions between the firm’s representatives and students.

What does the Careers Fair appearance exactly mean?



Of course! We warmly welcome professionals and specialists renowned in their field to raise the standards of the conference regardless of their speech being made in Hungarian or English.

Can I make a speech in Hungarian?

What is your specification on the topic of my speech?

Our general instruction for the speeches is that they should be about the future, Hungary, or the Future of Hungary through the lense of their profession, business or research.

We have 30-35 minute-long allocated slots for each speaker, within which the speakers decide how do they use the available time.

How long should my speech be?