Our History



There was once two lovely Hungarian boys who decided to change the world. They were studying in the historical Cambridge in the United Kingdom enjoying the green grass, eating Sunday roast and debating about Donald Trump. However, they realised that they were missing their home city, Budapest and their country, Hungary. They wanted to contribute to Hungary even while they were abroad. That is how the idea of Future: Hungary was born.

The first session was cool. It was just a small group of students from Cambridge who attended but they were all happy.


After the success of the previous year, Future: Hungary was unstoppable. The second session was about expanding the conference. The students started to realise that it is actually useful for them and they convinced there friends to also attend the event. The number of participants reached 50. Cool and cool.




2018 was cool, too. We were realising the true potential in the conference, so we introduced the Speaker scheme. After the conference this many students secured an internship in Hungary.


2019 was our most successful conference to date.

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Read about our mission and what impact we have made in the past few years.