Our Vision

We are building the future.


I am proud that I have been on the organising committee of the 2019 Conference, and it is a real honour that I can continue working on and shaping this important initiative as President this year. I think last year was phenomenal both as an experience and in numbers as well. It is no secret that is was not and probably will never be an easy task to organise this conference, but as long as we believe in what we do, there is always going to be a way to do it. Welcoming 11 partners, 10 speakers and 110 students was possible because of the ambition and arduous work of a dedicated committee, who believed in what they did.

2020 is going to be a mini-jubilee: 5 years of Future: Hungary, and we are working relentlessly to make it memorable. We are aiming to diversify our partner portfolio by sectors, industries and regions. We are committed to providing every student with interesting content, opportunities and experiences regardless of their academic background, their stage in their studies or career and their interest. 

Speaking of the Future continues! You will meet renowned professionals, researchers, thought-leaders and self-starters presenting their view on our future and what is possible from Hungary through the lens of their own specialization or business. 

Last but not least: you, indispensable students, are going to be there, who constitute the core of our community. Undergraduates, Graduates and Phds, first years and finalists or the ones who started their career, from every university in the UK with different degrees, interests, aspirations and ideas. We are driven to reach as many of you as possible, let you know that you belong here and bring you together to fill this day with life. 

2020 promises to be phenomenal! I am confident because I have a wonderful team to work with, full of people with exceptional qualities and dedication. Their aspirations with the conference are outstanding, their ideas and teamwork are astonishing and being ambitious high-achievers they perform incredibly well. My trust is in them, and so should be yours! 


Come open-minded and I can promise your takeaway is going to be invaluable!  

See you in March! 


Mark Priam
President of the Future: Hungary 2020 Conference

The Committee of F:H 2020

The Committee of F:H 2020